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Capra Course Alumni Network

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The alumni network is for participants who have completed the Capra Course. If you have not yet participated in the Capra Course, you can find out more information at the link below.

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Welcome! From the beginning of planning the Capra Course, one of Fritjof’s goals has been to, eventually, build up a global network of individuals and institutions who explore, practice, and teach the systems view of life.

The alumni network is a place that will allow you to carry on the conversations started in the Capra Course, not only with your fellow participants, but also with those people who have already participated in other versions of the course.

First time visiting?

The following features are available on the alumni network:

Discussions: There is an alumni Forum where you can discuss topics related to the course and the systems view of life.

Connect with the network: You can view the other Members of the alumni network, invite them to be friends, search for each other by interest area and send messages.

Form Groups: You can create and participate in different groups, which have their own pages with information, photos and discussions. Groups can be formed around topic areas or by geographical locations. You can access at Groups on the main menu bar.

Review Resources: The Capra Course lecture summaries and the supplementary materials from each lecture are available under Resources for you to review and study.

If you have questions about how to best use and access the different features of the alumni network, more information can be found on the Help page.

Quick Links for navigating the alumni network are below:


What is new on the Capra Course alumni network?

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